Study Overview

Patient Intervention

Clinician Intervention

Survey Instruments

Patient Intervention
Patients were randomized to either a minimal or intensive intervention.

The intensive patient intervention was based on a model patient education. Community health workers (CHW) to administered the intervention and developed a mechanism for ongoing reinforcement and support. The intervention integrates cognitive, behavioral, and affective programmatic elements in two stages. The first stage is comprised of a 20-minute pre-visit coaching session by a CHW in the clinical site immediately prior to the patient’s index visit with his/her clinician. The CHWs used a structured protocol in the pre-visit coaching session to accomplish the participation (engagement, activation, and empowerment) goals. The second stage continues contact between the CHW and the patient through a series 10 to 15 minute check-in telephone calls at two weeks, three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months from baseline. Additionally, CHWs were available to patients by phone on an ‘as needed’ basis over the one-year follow-up period.